In-Line Draw-Loc Installation Instructions

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Mounting Plate should be attached to arrow rest hole(s), if only one hole available tighten set screws to keep it mounting plate from moving.




Adjusting the Pivot Shaft allows for proper trigger position for holding the string at full draw in line with cams (below). This allows for straight string travel and good arrow flight. (Do not make these adjustments when bow is at full draw).




 Draw bow so that the trigger is holding string at full draw, Please Note: the string is aligned with cams, arrow rest and sight pins.(Do not make these adjustments when bow is at full draw).






Adjustment holes for changing draw length. 7 inch adjustments every ½ inch. Note: you can trim excess tube behind attachment bolts.




Note: Trigger has less travel when more weight is applied on String Latch.

For best trigger performance: It is advised to stay at the front of “let off” valley.         

Ends of loop should be tied into the string to prevent pull through.


Plastic and Metal Loops are not recommenedAnti dry-fire lever may not function properly if used.


Changing your trigger and grip setup from Left-Right hand to Horizontal


Changing grip & Trigger position: remove the 2 attachment bolts bump the back end of trigger housing and let the spring fall out.




 Remove the through pin holding the trigger and trigger pin bump the end of the trigger housing and trigger pin will fall out. Remove the trigger cap bolt and relocated trigger. Reinstall the trigger pin, place the through pin through the trigger and into the trigger pin, replace the spring a grip.




 After every shot squeeze Trigger so Trigger, String Latch and Anti Dry-Fire can reset itself




A light lubricant can be used if needed. Example: 3 in 1 oil. Please keep it clean and dry for best performance.


Warning: exercise extreme caution when using this productI